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Professional works

Carnival Travel Posters

Beaudry Interactive, Visual Design Intern

Created twelve unique travel posters displayed on the brand new Carnival Cruise Ship, Carnival Celebration

The posters reflect art deco and vintage styles harmonizing with the surrounding environment. Each poster depicts different parts of the world where Carnival Cruise has voyaged. Looking at posters closely, you might find easter eggs referencing the Carnival Cruise Lines. Also, two posters are animated.

  • Started projects with sketches for exploring different compositions. 

  • Created various options to create the best solutions, from color schemes to fonts choice.

  • Communicated with the team and art director closely and exchanged opinions. 

  • Overviewed artworks in print tests in the final scale.

  • Created assets for two animated posters.

  • Attended weekly meetings with the client and shared ideas.

The Gateway Atlas

Beaudry Interactive, Visual Design Intern

Creating visual elements for an interactive screen that entertains guests on the newest Carnival Cruise ship, Carnival Celebration.

This screen is located near the entrance of food and beverage area. The screen has various factions which guests want to stop by.

The ship icons indicate the current locations of all Carnival Cruises worldwide.

If you tap the postcard at the bottom of the screen, it flies to that area and presents an animated collage of famous local foods and tourist attractions. The passport icon lets users put pins at locations where they have been. Data will be accumulated so guests can see which areas of the world are famous spots from other guests' answers. The screen is designed for accessibility purposes as well. Tapping the wheelchair symbol lowers the map and makes all areas interactable for everyone.

  • Created graphic assets by using Photoshop and Illustrator.

  • Rendered world map in oil painting style from provided assets.

  • Researched twelve ports around the world and created compositions with visual elements in collage style. 

  • Communicated with a technical team and tackled problems from the point of users.

  • Tested the screens, solved errors and adjusted designs before handing them to the client.

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