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The Aviation Academy

Themed Experience for Observation Deck


Rhinoceros 3D



After Effects

A new exciting experience comes to the town of Chicago. It’s all about aviation history over the centuries. You have an opportunity to take a time journey going back to the 15th century and even to the future. After the time travel, You can spend some time at the observation deck overlooking the beautiful city of Chicago. The top floor is filled with exciting and educational experiences. Guests will have a smooth flight swinging over the skyscrapers of Chicago on the way back to the ground. By the end of the experience, guests will have learned about the history of the aircraft.



The costume design reflects the color scheme of the projects. The small light blue wave shape represents the air, which is also a primary element of the interior designs for the upper deck.

This group project asked students to create a new themed experience of observation towers anywhere in the world. Our group picked the existing tower in Chicago, IL. We renovated and designed the whole unique experience from the moment you enter the building. Guests enter a similar space to an airport, and there are check-in counters. After people receive tickets, they proceed to the boarding bridge, leading to the elevator, ascending to the observational deck. This elevator itself is the main attraction. Guests have a seat and enjoy 3 minutes motion simulator ride. During moving to the upper deck, the vehicle goes on time travel of human aviation history. After the ride, passengers are welcomed by the astonishing sky view of Chicago. The floor is filled with various activities, including an interactive museum, hangar-shaped shop, etc.

My role in the group was concept designer.

I’ve designed the interior elements of the space, vehicle, and costume. Also, I used After Effects to create animated storyboards that show POV of the ride experiences, both ascending and descending.

aviation 4.jpg
aviation 3.jpg

Character Design (Captain Pete)

Costume Designs for Cabin Crews

Animated Storyboards

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any rights to existing properties. This project is one of my projects for practice. Thus, it's not related to any existed licensed property.

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