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Ghost of the Past

Themed Parking Experience





The ghosts from the cemetery were woken up from their rest by all the tours going around its sidewalk. Having all the eyes on them while some random guy tells their private life to a bunch of strangers is not a nice feeling, and they are angry.

One day, a vagrant voodoo shaman visited this place. She has been roaming the cemeteries all over the place. She took place the ritual at the cemetery and heard complaints from ghosts. They agreed to prank the humans to get back at them. With the shaman’s magic, they possessed the body of the oak trees to get out of the cemetery. As they go through the city, they first find Oglethorpe Square, but it does not make them feel safe. As they keep going, they find just the right place.

A group of old victorian houses that has tours just like the ones of the people who made them angry. It is time for revenge. They take over, and since they are not able to sleep, so won’t them.


Behind the Design

This group project asked students to renovate existing parking structures in Savannah into a new themed experience. Our group focused on the ghost story which makes the city famous. The exterior of the structures is covered with a series of gorgeous Victorian houses, but be careful, they are haunted.


You pass through the entrance of the parking building filled with an ominous ambiance. When you halt your car at a spot, a 360-degree dome covers your car. The projection show immerses you into one of the three stories derived from Savannah’s legendary tale. When the story ends, the dome is lifted up, and your car is transported into the hallway of the grand houses. Now You are allowed to drop off the car and take a journey to Savannah, or you can access the massive tree skywalk over the city. The Skywalk is connected with the square adjacent to the structures and the graveyard.


The structure’s exterior is covered with vintage Victorian houses but is cursed. The big tree walkway heavily nestles over the houses.

Trunks break through the windows and walls. After the sun goes down, pedestrians may spot silhouettes of spirits passing by the window.

ghost 3.jpg

Exterior View

POV From the Top of the Tree Walkway

People can observe the beautiful city downtown from the raised bridge. This is the highest observation point in town. 

ghost 4_edited.jpg

360 Dome Projection

ghost 1.jpg

The dome immerses passengers into the story with the surrounding theatre.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any rights to existing properties. This project is one of my projects for practice. Thus, it's not related to any existed licensed property.

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