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Themed Resort in Las Vegas


Rhinoceros 3D



The grand city of Mayih was built by Kukulkan- the great feathered snake god as an offering to the Sun God, Kinich Ahau. As it grew in status, it became a symbol of pride and wealth as Mayih was home to a bountiful supply of treasure - all offerings to the Sun God. Kukulkan protected this city and its treasures by slithering around the grounds on careful watch. Kinich Ahau was so pleased by Kukulkan’s dedications. However, the beaming sunlight slowly hardens the snake god to a petrified state. Once Kukulkan became petrified, the city’s residents were no longer protected from the dangers of the jungle. They left, and the city was abandoned.


As explorers began to uncover other Mayan cities in the jungles of Central America, they found artifacts and carvings telling the story of Mayih. The excitement began building as people searched for the lost city.

And just last year, the city was discovered, still surrounded by a great carving of a petrified snake! The archaeologists are looking for help and are welcoming folks to join their team!


Behind the Design

mayih 1.jpg

Modeled in Rhinoceros 3D 

This group project asked students to design a themed hotel on the famous Las Vegas Boulevard. My team developed

a resort with Mayan themes of excitement and adventures. During the stay, guests can explore and learn about the Mayan culture in this immersed environment. Some rooms are located inside the petrified snakes, and suits are adjacent to the main temple. People can satisfy their appetites with foods and drinks from central America among the ruins.

My role in the team was designing the buildings of the resort and the contents inside an attraction building.

Inside the Attraction Building

This interior concept work shows the building, which houses several attractions. In the storyline, this temple is still in

the process of excavation. So guests can join the team.

This building houses digging experiences, a small mining car ride, and more to spend time on.

Final images - Copy - Copy.JPG

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any rights to existing properties. This project is one of my projects for practice. Thus, it's not related to any existed licensed property.

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