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The Imaginarium

Themed Library





-This place will provide you with a new type of library experience. It is not only reading a book as you do at the typical library but also jumping into the world of books.


Behind the Design


This is a part of a class project named the Imaginarium. At first, we discussed and determined the minimum info, which was necessary for moving forward. After that, each member worked on individual parts for creating visuals. I was in interior and prop designs. I created simple 3d models using Sketchup.

The Upper right image is the section of the center area of this facility. As it shows, the elevator moves in a circle around the central atrium.

The water fountain is located in the very center of the library.

Modeled in Rhinoceros 3D 

Concept Sketches

Those are the pattern concepts for waterwheels and elevators. Elements of nature are the symbols for the facility, so nature-influenced patterns go through the building. Those sketches capture those feelings in the design.


DISCLAIMER: I do not own any rights to existing properties. This project is one of my projects for practice. Thus, it's not related to any existing licensed property.

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