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Hotel Ripple at Tybee

Resort Complex


Rhinoceros 3D



In Design

North beach at Tybee, in GA, is a secluded, quiet, and peaceful nook compared to the south beach. This area is not a tourist spot, so people barely visit here. Thus, a beautiful ripples pattern is left shaped by the Sea breeze. The beach is preserved and creates an isolated ambiance. The Hotel Ripple represents those characteristics of the area. Guests can escape from a hectic life and immerse themselves in the peacefulness of nature.

Behind the Design

2. pic.jpg
2. pic.jpg

Current Beach

The designs for this hotel are hinted at the distinct beach’s surroundings. The shape of buildings and cabins are implying repeating ripple shapes. Each guest room spreads through the property. Guests can have a relaxed private time. The majestic wooden materials link and match nature.

Presentation Board

The board’s design aims to tell a story, atmosphere, and feelings without a person who presents the project vocally. The main shapes and movements of the buildings are reflected on the board. Also, the color scheme comes from that of the project itself. The artworks were positioned under the consideration of visual weight. So it appeals to viewers from far away.

5. Presentation Board.jpg

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any rights to existing properties. This project is one of my projects for practice. Thus, it's not related to any existed licensed property.

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